By Michelle Foley


Hey there and welcome to Rockville Centre Design, previously Rockville Centre Build. My name is Michelle Foley and my husband Kevin and I recently underwent the ultimate construction project of building our brand new home from scratch.  During the project I took pleasure in documenting the whole process and sharing it with others in hopes of inspiring those around me through my love for design. Now I'm onto my next stage, which is to help others create spaces and homes that they love as well! 

I grew up with a contractor father and a mother who loved interior design. My parents bought and flipped houses all over the state of VT for as long as I can remember and so I am no stranger to a construction site or home renovation. Out of all of my siblings I was the one who was the most interested in building beautiful homes and that lead me to working on many home design projects of my own as well as helping countless others over the years. 


My husband and I renovated and designed our last home together while we were dating. After we were married and we had our daughter Riley, we decided we wanted to build our dream home from scratch. And I don't mean we hired builders, they designed everything and we picked finishes... We truly designed the whole house from the floor plan and lay out down to the very last nob and fixture. I know it sounds like a lot of work but we truly enjoyed every second of it and it has led me to find my passion and desire to help others through the process as well. 


 Most of the pictures you will see on my site are of our new home. Please keep in mind we've only been in our new house for 6 months and so a lot of the décor isn't quite "finished" yet; but we're getting there! I hope you enjoy the pictures of our home and check out the "Shop My Instagram Posts" page if you see anything you like and are interested in purchasing for your own home. Otherwise if you have a question about something else that you don't see linked feel free to reach out to me via email or Instagram! 

Also if you're in the process of working on a project of your own and would like to discuss how I may be able to assist you please reach out to me! I'd be happy to set up a free in person or over the phone consultation.